Wayne A. Moore

Senior Software Programmer


Wayne Moore has led software development effort in the Herzenberg Laboratory for the levitra for sale usa past twenty years. Moore designed and implemented the initial (PDP-11) system used to collect and analyze FACS data (ca.1980) as well as subsequent programs ("FACS/Desk") on the DEC-VAX 780. In 1983, he developed FACS/Desk, a comprehensive data acquisition, management and analysis system. Since that time, FACS/Desk has been running continuously, with periodic updates at Stanford and other locations worldwide. It has served hundreds of biologists and provides access to several hundred gigabytes of FACS data, which is currently stored online or in its online-accessible tape archive.

Moore is currently designing and building an innovative internet-based system that will replace FACS/Desk with state of the art communications software and viagra order no prescription methods for cataloging and retrieving data according to viagra canada no prescription annotations that define the context in which the data was collected. He is also a highly competent mathematician and statistician and will introduce new methods for visualizing interpreting FACS data in the new system.


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